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filmmaker - director - writer

"find me"
feature film

director - writer - producer - editor
best feature film atlanta independent film festival
best screenplay rhode island film festival
audience award best feature oregon asian Am film fest
100% rotten tomatoes critics


“Find Me,” was a streaming hit on Amazon Prime, reaching Amazon Prime’s Top Viewed lists in Drama, Comedy and Adventure Films for multiple months. The film is 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with critics and has won multiple awards, including Best Feature at the Atlanta Independent Film Fest, Best Screenplay at the Rhode Island International Film Fest, the Audience Award at the Oregon Asian American Film Fest, and Closing Night Film honors for two festivals. Outside Magazine named it “the Indie Adventure Film we all need,” while Reel Honest Reviews called it “a funny, uniquely charming, and gorgeous film,” and the Hollywood Reporter called it a "quirky and touching charmer." 

"why am i doing this?"
feature film

director - writer - producer - editor
three "best feature film" awards
director's new vision award cinequest film festival

“Why Am I Doing This?” ( is a multi-award-winning indie feature film about an African-American comedian and Asian-American actor failing in Hollywood.  The film won Best Picture honors at the Houston Comedy Film Festival, the Philadelphia Asian-American Film Festival and the Chinese-American Film Festival, as well as garnering Cinequest Film Festival’s Director’s New Vision Award.  The film had a successful Los Angeles theatrical run and was released on DVD and Video On-Demand.  The Boston Herald called it “a raucous look at life in Los Angeles for an actor...", while The Los Angeles Times wrote, "...the microbudget aesthetic charms.  Be it Tony's Ferris wheel date with romantic prospect Katie, the growing intimacy between Lester and longtime chum Nira, or a peaceful accord between Lester and his divorced, boy-crazy and hopelessly self-centered mother — played to the vivacious hilt by Valerie Pettiford — it's the more subdued moments that, for Huang at least, answer the titular question."

why am i doing this?
selected scenes

Selected scenes from Tom Huang's "Why Am I Doing This?" Available on DVD and Blu-Ray on

"unusual targets" web series
featured at
los angeles film festival
los angeles asian-pacific film festival

Series premiere of "Unusal Targets," a web series following the adventures of a fledgling hit man specializing in supernatural beings.  Written and directed by Tom Huang, the series has been featured at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Los Angeles Asian-Pacifc Islander Film Festival.

For more info or more episodes, check out

"less than kind" teaser
"tuesday night comedy" commercials

writer director producer
telly award winner

"Less Than Kind" TV show season preview commercial and "Tuesday Night Comedy" commercial for the Audience Network on DirecTV.  Wrote, directed and produced both commercials for broadcast.

"freshmen" feature film
writer director producer editor
final draft best screenplay award,
rhode island film festival
audience award best feature,
los angeles asian-pacific film festival

“freshmen” ( is an independent feature film that follows the lives of four college freshmen in their first quarter of school.  It was a film festival hit, winning the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, the Final Draft Original Screenplay Award at the Rhode Island International Film Fest, as well as earning a nomination for best independent feature at the aMedia Awards.  “freshmen” opened in Los Angeles, and The Los Angeles Times wrote, ““freshmen” is so authentic, it’s like eavesdropping on life… what is surprising is the impressive depth and detail of Huang’s characterizations, his keen ear for dialogue and his ability to get his actors to seem to be living their roles.”  Daily Variety touted the film as “a solid calling card for debuting director Tom Huang and his fresh-faced, very likable young cast.”


Final Draft Best Screenplay Award, “freshmen,” Rhode Island Film Festival

Audience Best Feature Film Award, for “freshmen,” Los Angeles Asian Film Festival

Director’s New Vision Award, for “Why Am I Doing This?”, Cinequest Film Festival

Best Feature Film Awards for “Why Am I Doing This?”, Houston Comedy Film Festival,

Philadelphia Asian Film Festival, Hollywood Chinese-American Film Festival

Certificate of Merit for "Closed Quarters," Chicago International Film Festival

Telly Bronze Award, promo “Less Than Kind Finale”, promo “Dan Patrick Show Emergency”



Real People Really Dying 4, short film (Writer/Director)

Closed Quarters, short film (Writer/Director)

Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival.


freshmen, Feature Film (Writer/Director)

Audience Award for Best Feature, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Final Draft Original Screenplay Award, Rhode Island International Film Festival

Silver Award, Low Budget Feature Film, WorldFest Flagstaff Film Festival

finalist nominee, Best Independent Feature, aMedia “Ammy” Awards


The Presidents of the United States of America World Tour, Concert Film (Director)


Nuthin’ But Luv, Music Video for the Presidents of the United States of America (Director)

It Wasn’t Supposed to be Like This... , short film (Writer/Director)

The Mullets, half-hour sitcom on the UPN network (Writer), Executive Produced by Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein

Still Standing, half-hour sitcom on CBS (Writer), Executive Produced by Joey Gutierrez and Diane Burroughs

Sons & Daughters, half-hour sitcom on ABC (Writer), Executive Produced by Fred Goss and Nick Holly

Angry Little Girls, half-hour animated sitcom on mNet (Writer), Executive Producer Lela Lee

Why Am I Doing This? Feature Film (Producer/Writer/Director)

“Director’s New Visions Award,” Cinequest Film Festival

“Best Narrative Feature,” Philadelphia Asian-American Film Festival

“Best Feature Film,” Houston Comedy Film Festival

“Best Independent Feature Film,” Chinese American Film Festival


Unusual Targets web series (Producer/Writer/Director)

Los Angeles Film Fest

Los Angeles Asian-Pacific Film Festival

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